Merry Christmas from NASGP

19th December 2016 by NASGP

Merry Christmas from NASGP

Continuing our long tradition of not posting Christmas cards to our network of sessional GP groups, and instead donating to a charity on their behalf, this year we’re delighted to be sponsoring UNICEF.

Unicef provides vaccines to immunise one in three of the world’s children against preventable diseases, and this winter is providing relief to some of the 8 million children affected by the conflict in Syria by providing warm clothes, shoes and blankets. You can also make your own personal donation via the UNICEF website.

Meanwhile, we humbly thank you, our members, for all your support over the last year and we’re very much looking forward to providing you with as much support as we can throughout 2017.


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"Joining NASGP's Locum Chambers in Essex after CCT has been a fantastic decision for me. The Chambers structure provides support with my locum work as well as a peer support network with regular meetings.

The Chambers support also extends to support with complaints when these occur. This is an amazing benefit that helps to minimise the professional isolation that can come with being a locum.

The Instant Book feature within LocumDeck makes arranging sessions easy. Whilst getting things set up initially does take a bit of work, this eventually pays off and the return on this initial time investment is impressive. New features are always being added based on feedback from members. "

Dr Shanil Shivji, GP, Essex

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