March ‘biggest month ever’ for LocumDeck bookings, NASGP reports

23rd April 2021 by NASGP

March ‘biggest month ever’ for LocumDeck bookings, NASGP reports

The NASGP saw the highest ever number of GP locum bookings on its booking system, LocumDeck, last month.

The record figures follow months of record growth on the platform.

Bookings in March were even higher than February, which broke previous records.

We saw 23% more Instant Books in March 2021 compared with the month before – and more than double the numbers in March 2020.

LocumDeck has seen steady month-on-month growth since November, and forecasts another month of growth once April ends. Although bookings slowed in November during the second lockdown, there was consecutive growth in Instant Bookings in September and October 2020, and a healthy increase in use of Instant Book through May, June and July.

"I rely on the NASGP for advice and support. I use LocumDeck for all my locum admin – my profile, certificates, terms and conditions, practice contacts, booking and invoicing sessions, pension A and B forms, recording mileage and other expenses and monthly earnings.

Having been a locum in the past without LocumDeck, I realise how much easier LocumDeck makes my life, especially as I don't enjoy admin. It automates much of the admin for me. I can see at a glance how many bookings I have and where the gaps are. I have some practices who instant book me - booking directly into free sessions I have added. I have income/expenditure spreadsheets to share with my accountant.

I would highly recommend it to others."

Dr Susannah Denny, GP, Berkshire

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