Majority of sessional GPs plan to work five years or more

2nd June 2023 by NASGP

Majority of sessional GPs plan to work five years or more

The majority of sessional GPs surveyed by NASGP plan to work for five years or more, despite widely reported burnout and disillusionment.

Some 58% of 91 GPs surveyed said they were committed to stay for five years or more.

Only 4% of respondents were planning to leave within the next 12 months.

Dozens reported burnout and ill health in partnership, salaried roles and retainership posts, citing ‘excessive administration’, ‘abusive’ conditions, failures to recruit colleagues and ‘unrealistic expectations’.

Many also revealed that they plan to remain in the profession by diversifying income streams and developing portfolio careers.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, commented: “I’m really pleased to see the results of our 2023 members survey, which suggests that the majority of GPs are committed to staying in the profession for the next five years or more. It’s encouraging to see that, despite the challenges faced by our colleagues, such as burnout and increasing workloads, many are finding ways to diversify their income streams and develop portfolio careers to maintain a sustainable work-life balance.

“The feedback on LocumDeck highlights the importance of a user-friendly platform that supports GPs in managing their careers and reducing administrative burdens.

“We will continue to work on improving our services and providing valuable resources to help GPs navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Thank you to all those who participated in the survey, and we look forward to supporting you in achieving your career goals.”

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Dr Mike Woodbridge, GP, Lancashire

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