Record-breaking month on LocumDeck as bookings, GPs and practice stats soar

19th February 2021 by NASGP

Record-breaking month on LocumDeck as bookings, GPs and practice stats soar

Numbers of bookings, locums with bookings, and practices using LocumDeck broke monthly records yesterday, the NASGP reports.

Traffic on the NASGP’s booking system is better than ever as sessional work ramps back up at UK GP practices. 

Mid-month statistics show that sessional GPs had broken existing records this month on three counts:

– Highest number of bookings for GP locums in one month.

– Highest number of GP locums booking sessions in one month.

– Highest number of GP practices making bookings with GP locums in one month.

The NASGP expects the counts for all three indices to be higher still by month-end.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse said: “There’s so much to celebrate with this news. Our LocumDeck platform enables GPs to set their own rates, using their own terms and conditions or work under the support of a local GP locum chambers.

“All of this is shared openly and collaboratively with the specific practice, they choose, giving these practices the power they need to instantly book and confirm the locums they choose.

“And with these figures, we can see that both locums and practices are enjoying full use of LocumDeck.

“We are partnering with more and more primary care organisations to help share this decentralised system in their areas to the benefit of local GP recruitment and retention. Our system is popular within local healthcare communities, and we are delighted to provide an alternative to salaried banks.”

"I have found membership very helpful during my time as a GP locum and would like to thank you very much."

Dr Louise Napier-Hemy, GP

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