LocumDeck adds custom terms and conditions import

16th December 2022 by NASGP

LocumDeck adds custom terms and conditions import

GPs can now upload their terms and conditions directly to LocumDeck thanks to a new user-requested feature.

LocumDeck’s ‘Custom Terms and Conditions’ feature enables GPs to upload their own terms and conditions PDF document.

In LocumDeck’s ‘Settings’ section, under the ‘Terms and conditions’ tab, GPs now have the option to switch on a button, ‘I provide my own’.

GPs can then upload a PDF up to 8Mb with their own terms.

See the new feature on LocumDeck.

"The security that LocumDeck brings with the comprehensive terms and conditions, and clarity around the workload I am willing to undertake isn’t there if I agree to a booking via email. It is when practices book through LocumDeck. This is what makes LocumDeck such a powerful tool. It gives me confidence knowing that I’m not going to get inundated with an unsafe surgery or workload."

Dr Charles Elliott, former GP locum (now partner) and Chambers lead, Frimley

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