Lantum takes control of Locum Organiser

17th December 2017 by NASGP

Lantum takes control of Locum Organiser

In an email to GPs’ email accounts across the UK last week, ex-Mckinsey management consultant Melissa Morris, CEO and founder of Lantum (formerly Network Locum – same company, different name), has responded to growing criticism on social media of its business model and its impact on the terms of engagement of GP locums by announcing its merger with the locum invoicing app Locum Organiser.

The merger took place in October 2017, with Melissa Morris becoming Locum Organiser’s joint Company Director, with one of its original founders Chris Mew, with the actual legal status suggesting Lantum Ltd actually taking control of Locum Organiser.

Locum Organiser partnership

Locum Organiser, founded in 2009 by Chris Mew and GP locum Dr Sian Mew, has been a popular independent platform for locums to manage invoices and pension forms. In an email to its users last month, it was explained that the new ‘partnership’ was taking place since its users were asking for help finding locum work.

rLocums acquisition

In 2015, the same company, then known as Network Locum, also acquired the rLocums GP booking platform with no plans then to change their operations, but from early 2018 will be fully merging both sites. According to one of Lantum’s investors, this is “feeding a stated strategy of unifying locum booking needs across the UK onto a single platform.

"We have used LocumDeck for a number of months now and find it really useful when booking locums. You can see the availability of GPs, their documents are all loaded on the site and you can book instantly – it takes minutes to do. There are also no expensive locum agency fees to pay – just the GP’s actual payment. It's quick and hassle-free."

Lesley Munro-Faure, Managing Partner at Unity Health, York

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