GP locums report challenges accessing flu vaccinations

12th October 2020 by NASGP

GP locums report challenges accessing flu vaccinations

The GPC says it has received ‘several reports’ of poor access to flu vaccinations, Pulse reports.

In a bulletin to local GPs, Cleveland LMC had to remind them: “Locum GPs are fully entitled to receive the flu vaccination from their registered GP, and practices are contractually responsible for providing the flu vaccination to locum GPs who are their registered patients. It is vital that we work together during this unprecedented winter season to protect our already overstretched workforce.”

GP locums are eligible for free flu vaccinations at GP practices according to the new DES, it was announced last month. 

NASGP members have also reported finding it hard to book vaccinations as some practices cancelled clinics where supplies ran short.

Meanwhile, bookings were up 40% month on month on LocumDeck as GP practices sought GP locums to support their work on the backlog of treatment created in lockdown. 

Share your availability on LocumDeck to find sessions with local practices who need GP locums.

Practices have an easy and fast way to make bookings on LocumDeck.

"LocumDeck provides a one-stop, easy, pragmatic way to book, invoice and control my GP locum sessions. It cuts out unnecessary dealings with profit-making locum agencies. NASGP provides a wonderful resource to support GP locums above and beyond LocumDeck including informative videos on all aspects of GP locuming including pensions, NASGP Locum Chambers, CPD and more. "

Dr Mike Woodbridge, GP, Lancashire

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