GP locums need a place on integrated care boards too, NASGP argues

30th October 2020 by NASGP

GP locums need a place on integrated care boards too, NASGP argues

The NASGP has called for GP locums to be represented on Integrated Care Systems (ICS) boards. 

ICS boards make decisions about how Integrated Care Systems are run. There are currently 18 ICS around the country.

The BMA has called for GP partners to have mandated representation on ICS boards, Pulse reports

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, chair of the NASGP, wrote: “I’m not saying GP locums should be mandated to be on these too, but NHS England must not overlook the sheer number of GP locums who are, for whatever reason, not currently partners. 

“We support the BMA in their call for greater professional representation at ICS board level, for GPs on PCN boards to be represented alongside GPs on CCG boards, whilst bearing in mind that freelance GP locums too can be senior level PCN and CCG board members, and we should be doing more to reach GP locums through networks such as the NASGP Locum Chambers, and GP locums outside local networks.

“Whilst GP locums might not have the rich in-depth knowledge of GP work in a single practice, we work across dozens of different practices and systems and can bring our skills and unique insights to help shape services across wide areas.”

"I've tried simple templates or hard copies of locum packs before but find they so quickly become out of date. I like the way the NASGP's Standardised Practice Information Portal is easier to navigate and update than these paper-based systems."

Dr Amy Kerstein

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