GP locum appointed as CCG chair

24th December 2014 by NASGP

Dr Kevin Hill has been appointed to the role of chairman of South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, and will take up this position on January 1. He has been a member of the Governing Body since the CCG came into existence in April 2013, and is a locum GP working for several local surgeries, and has also been a GP partner.

Working as a locum GP places GPs in an ideal position to take on senior roles in CCGs. Leaving aside the freedom and flexibility that locuming provides, there’s also the huge insight gained from working in multiple practices, across a broad area, gaining experience with alternative providers and bringing this experience to fellow commissioners.

Are you a GP commissioner, or have a role in a CCG whilst working as a salaried or locum GP. Please leave your comments below.

"Thanks for all you have done for sessional GPs, keep up the good work. "

Dr Judith King

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