FSRH | Levosert – a levonorgestrel intrauterine device (LNG-IUS)

This is a new product review from the FSRH. Levosert is an LNG-IUS,  which is the same as Mirena.

It seems to be as effective as Mirena and to have similar side-effects.

The major downside is that it only lasts 3 years (though as more data becomes available this may extend to 5 years).

It costs £66, so is cheaper than Mirena at £88, though cost per year is more at present.

Another disadvantage is that it can not be used for endometrial protection with HRT.

Remember that Jaydess, another LNG-IUS is also available.

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  1. Ruth Holman
    Interesting choice of picture for a post about Levosert as the IUCD shown is a copper IUCD and from the position is probably perforated the uterus
    • Richard Fieldhouse
      Thanks Ruth, completely fair comment, and completely my fault. If you happen to have a copyright-free image we could use, or know where we could get one, please let me know!

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