FAQ: What are availability requests?

If a practice on LocumDeck needs cover but no locums have yet proactively made themselves available for Instant Book on the dates they need, the practice can put out an availability request, which goes to locums within a 45 minute travel radius.

You receive an email notification of which practice is looking for cover and you can find more details by logging in to LocumDeck and clicking through to the availability request shown in orange on your LocumDeck calendar.

The practice can specify basic details such as date, start and end times of the cover. They can also add more detailed information about their requirements e.g. they are nudged to specify the type of appointments (triaged, on call, walk in, f2f, telephone etc), typical number of contacts expected, whether admin duties are required and which other members of the healthcare team will be present or whether you’ll be working as a lone clinician.

What does the practice see when I respond to an availability request?

Practices are notified by email that bookable availability has been added for their practice. When they login to LocumDeck they can review the bookable work you are offering, alongside any Credentials and T&Cs you have added, and are able to make an Instant Booking.

Are availability requests made personally to me by a practice?

Not at the moment. Currently, availability requests are sent to all locums on our membership database within range of the practice who wish to receive them. If there is interest from practices and our locum members in allowing practices to be more specific and personal in their requests, we are all ears to feedback.

"A must-have for any GP locum.

I have used NASGP website since I started locuming three years ago. It caters for all my locum needs, and I found LocumDeck particularly useful for bookings and invoicing. The automatically-generated invoices and pension forms save me countless hours of admin time every month, and the recently introduced e-signed forms are brilliant.

The assistance I have received has always been quick and helpful. The forums and updates have also kept me in the loop with important issues which may affect my practice.

I cannot recommend this website enough. "

Dr Suzanne Gaskell, GP

Dr Suzanne Gaskell, GP

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