FAQ: What is Cudos?

Cudos stands for ‘Centralised Updatable Directory of Services‘ and is like a smart address book designed specifically for general practice. Unlike a regular address book, it allows for one item (e.g. a person, service or policy) to be linked to another item (e.g. a practice or hospital)in a specific way.

  • By creating a relationship between items, it greatly reduces the need for duplication, enabling the information to be always as up-to-date as it can be.
  • Cudos also allows you to attach enriched information and resources to each item.
  • You can link, upload or otherwise direct users to referral forms, policies and care pathways.
  • Any item that you’ve created in Cudos and then selected for display in Spip can be edited in either, and changing one always reflects the change in the other.
  • By following the Spip-Tips throughout Spip, the Practice role can create and present any of this stored information at any point throughout Spip.
  • All this information is then presented to the Clinician role at the point of need in the appropriate places throughout Spip.
  • Although Spip is by far the best place to quickly look up information, the Practice can also enable users associated with your practice to be an Editor or Staff who are able to directly access Cudos.

Cudos has four different types of item:


  • Like your practice or a hospital. You’ll only add a few of these.

Internal department, service or policy

  • Anything from your surgery’s asthma clinic to a hospital’s x-ray department. It can also include any policies used by that organisation, such as a complaint’s policy.
  • You can also upload documents or add links.

Single service or premises

  • Like a local pharmacy, physiotherapist or dentist. You’ll only add a few of these.

Individual or role

  • Like you, any GP in your practice, and hospital doctor – whether by their name or by their role.

"LocumDeck and the NASGP have provided excellent IT and administrative support which are my key areas of need in my GP locum workstream. Invoicing and pension forms are easily managed, fees are chased on my behalf if required, and booking work is straightforward, as my professional profile and compliance information is kept on-line in one secure place."

Dr Stuart Allan, GP, Burton-in-Kendal, Cumbria

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