FAQ: What is an ‘Organisation’ in Spip?

Organisation is one of the four different types of Cudos item.

"I first found LocumDeck when looking to help retain GP locums in the area. I have since moved my own practice in my final years to work as a locum. I was so impressed with the ease of booking and control it gives. Ease of billing, help with NHS pension contributions, and end of tax year summaries are an enormous bonus for GP locums.
"As an NASGP Locum Chambers member I am supported as a GP locum in a way that would not be possible otherwise. Frimley Locum Hub is very supportive group of GPs and I know of several GP locums who have remained in the area because of the services it provides. I understand in the Frimley area that the number of whole time equivalent GPs working via the NASGP model is substantial and provides a very real and tangible part of the total GP workforce. The fact that the service is fully-funded at present is a key reason why GP locums use the service. "

Dr Mick Watts, GP locum, Frimley

Dr Mick Watts, GP locum, Frimley

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