FAQ: How does LocumDeck’s ‘Instant Book’ booking system work?

We designed LocumDeck for you to set your own sessions and show availability to practices you choose to link with so they can book you directly. You don’t have to wait for requests from practices – you can plan ahead, set your terms, then the work you want finds you. We call it Instant Book.

You can also see practices’ requests for cover.


How LocumDeck’s Instant Book works

When you set up ‘Instant Book’ in LocumDeck:

  • You authorise which practices are allowed to see your real-time availability.
  • For each practice you can specify in great detail the type of work you are prepared to carry out with them, at what times and at what rates.
  • You pro-actively plan and add your ‘Availability’ to your calendar, so you can make considered decisions about your working patterns rather than having to make rushed decisions reactively in response to enquiries.
  • Each of your authorised practices only ‘sees’ the sessions that you allow them to that fit within your ‘Available’ slots. 
  • Practices can see your credentials and your full term and conditions alongside your session availability to inform their booking decision.
  • You are notified by text and email confirmation when you receive an ‘Instant Book’ booking on LocumDeck.

LocumDeck’s setup guides have a step-by-step introduction to the feature, called ‘Get booked by practices.

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GP locum membership fees

In our three-month free trial or within one of our funded areas (funded areas) Instant Book is completely free.

After that:

  • Membership (£12/month) – £15 per session.
  • Membership Plus (£24/month) or Chambers (£31/month) – £11 per session for 20 sessions, then free.

All membership and booking fees are tax-deductible.

See NASGP’s LocumDeck booking fees here. 

"Thanks for all you have done for sessional GPs, keep up the good work. "

Dr Judith King

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