FAQ: How does LocumDeck’s ‘Instant Book’ booking system work?

Pre-setting your availability for instant booking (called ‘Instant Book’ on LocumDeck) is about GP locums being able to pre-define everything about the way they work, and when they can work. LocumDeck’s algorithms ensure that practices can only book you for the sessions you would have agreed anyway. Hence, GP practices can book you instantly if what they need exactly matches what you want.

It’s still a relatively new way of working for freelance GP locums. But NASGP’s booking method is used within Locum Chambers and some 500,000 GP locum sessions have been booked in this way in the NHS so far.

When you set up ‘Instant Book’ in LocumDeck:

  • You authorise which practices are allowed to see your real-time availability.
  • For each practice you can specify in great detail the type of work you are prepared to carry out with them, at what times and at what rates.
  • You pro-actively plan and add your ‘Availability’ to your calendar, so you can make considered decisions about your working patterns rather than having to make rushed decisions reactively in response to enquiries.
  • Each of your authorised practices only ‘sees’ the sessions that you allow them to that fit within your ‘Available’ slots. 
  • Practices can see your credentials and your full term and conditions alongside your session availability to inform their booking decision.
  • Once you have set up your availability and your working conditions with each of your practices on LocumDeck, you will be notified by text and email confirmation when you receive an ‘Instant Book’ booking on LocumDeck. 

"We’ve worked with the NASGP now for over a decade, and have always been impressed with their commitment to promoting a really productive working relationship between practices and GP locums, with the ultimate aim of making sure patients receive the best care, no matter which GP they see."

Lynda Cox, Practice Cover

Lynda Cox, Practice Cover

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