Exenetide prolonged release

The new NICE guideline advises that Exenetide Prolonged Release can be used instead of normal Exenetide and is given just once weekly rather than twice daily. It causes fewer side-effects (on the GI / hypo front). It is more cost-effective than normal Exenetide. Allthough it is a little more expensive, it gives a better drop in HbA1c.

The indications for it’s use are the same as for normal exenetide.

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  1. Louise Cockram
    This month's ANTIDOTE advises that in Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke the following applies: "Exenatide once weekly (Bydureon®) - The DPC agreed with the diabetes subgroup specialist recommendation that (pending NICE) this product should be reserved for specific niche use in patients who need a health care professional to administer injectables, where weekly dosing would be a more practical option. It is difficult to administer and therefore probably not an option for self-administration"

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