FSRH | Ella-One and new drugs interacting with contraceptives

FSRH has released two guidelines this month.

The first guideline is about Ella-One, the emergency contraceptive. They now advise that women who are breast-feeding should not feed their babies for 5 days after it's use as significant levels are found in breast milk. Women should be encouraged to express and discard the milk so that their supplies don't dry up.

The second guideline is about new anti-epileptic drugs (Perampanel and Eslicarbazepine acetate).

You won't remember all these, so if in doubt, check the BNF.

With Perampanel and Eslicarbazepine the COC, POP and implants shouldn't be used as efficacy is reduced. The Depot and coils are OK. If use is for less than 2 months, then their normal method can be continued with additional precautions during use and for 28 days after use.

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