Nice | Domestic violence

This new guideline from NICE is about domestic violence. There are a couple of useful things for us to be aware of. There are also some quite shocking statistics on how common a problem this is.

How common a problem is it?

In the UK, 30% of women and 17% of men report having experienced domestic abuse at some point in their lives.

In 2009, in the UK, 72% of girls and 51% of boys aged 13 to 16 reported emotional violence in a relationship. 31% of girls and 16% of boys reported sexual violence and 25% of girls and 18% of boys experienced physical violence.

Our training

We are now expected to hold 'level 2' training in domestic violence, which means that we should be trained to ask about domestic abuse in a way that makes it easier for people to disclose it. We should be able to assess someone's safety and know how to offer referral onto specialist services. There should be 'ongoing training and supervision'.

When should we ask about domestic abuse?

We should routinely be asking about domestic abuse, even if there are no indicators that it is happening. For example, this could be during antenatal or postnatal sessions, during mental health reviews or in a sexual health setting.

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