NHS England announces more than 40 local ‘long Covid’ clinics will open in weeks

19th November 2020 by NASGP

NHS England announces more than 40 local ‘long Covid’ clinics will open in weeks

NHS England has announced that more than 40 ‘long Covid’ clinics are to open across the country ‘within weeks’, Pulse reports.

Ten sites have been earmarked for the Midlands, seven in the North East, six in the East of England, South West and South East respectively, five in London and three in the North West with £10m funding. Clinics will open by the end of the month, NHSE authors claimed.

In guidance about the clinics, published earlier in November, NHSE advised that on the pathway, GPs will be asked to screen and refer patients into the service. 

Funding “will be allocated to NHS England and NHS Improvement’s regional teams to work with healthcare systems to agree the best arrangement for delivery of these clinics, including how children and young people will be assessed,” authors wrote. 

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