First wave flu clinics cancelled as vaccine supply runs short 

2nd October 2020 by NASGP

First wave flu clinics cancelled as vaccine supply runs short 

Practices have already been forced to cancel flu clinics for at-risk under-65s after supply of the vaccine ran short in September, Pulse reports.

GPs have raised concerns that they have yet to receive stocks of flu vaccine for high-risk patients under 65.

GP locums are eligible for free flu jabs at GP practices, according to the new DES, but whether GP locums will be able to access the vaccine is another matter.

For at-risk patients who contract flu or Covid-19 this winter, the risk of pneumonia runs higher. Read Dr Louise Hudman’s summary of the NICE update on pneumonia treatment published last October. 

You can also read MPS advice for NASGP on how GP locums can prepare to work through a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 this winter

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