Clinical guidelines


These clinical guidelines have all been written specifically for salaried and locum GPs.

gp update lrGP-Update

We’ve been working with our friends from GP-Update for quite some years now. We’ve always found their courses particularly friendly towards sessional GPs, and having a complete online resource for appraisal and revalidation is great when you don’t know which consulting room you’ll be working in tomorrow. Each GP-Update guideline is also published in the bi-monthly The Sessional GP magazine.

Pallant Medical ChambersPallant Medical Chambers

Pallant Medical Chambers were the first group of GP locums in the UK to adopt NASGP's locum chambers model. As well as arranging regular monthly education events specifically for local sessional GPs, they also have a partnership scheme whereby individual 'Pallanteers' take on leadership roles. Pallant's Lead Partner for Clinical Guidelines, Dr Louse Hudman, regularly provides summaries of recently published clinical guidelines for locum GPs, and these are published regularly on Pallant's website.

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