BASHH | Chlamydia testing

Most of the information is these guidelines is stuff we know. Learning points for me were:

  • Endocervical swabs and HVS swabs have a similar sensitivity (before, the advice was that endocervical swabs were essential for testing where there are symptoms). FCU is not as sensitive in women.
  • To take an HVS, you should rotate the swab for 10 to 30s.
  • There is a false positive rate, but it is under 10%, so the HPA advise re-testing in low prevalence populations if you get a positive result.
  • It takes 2/52 after exposure to be positive, but advice is to test at presentation and then again at 2/52 post exposure.
  • It is worth retesting after treatment if they are pregnant.
  • Don’t retest within 6/52 as the NAAT will still be positive from the first exposure (local guidelines advise 8/52).

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