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#LMCConf42 AGENDA COMMITTEE to be proposed by DERBYSHIRE: That conference, with respect to the standard model contract for salaried GPs:

  1. insists that the concept is professionally beneficial
  2. demands that terms no less favourable are offered by all employers of GPs
  3. believes that it is now not fit for purpose
  4. believes that it generates unrealistic and unaffordable burdens concerning annual leave entitlements and study leave entitlements
  5. instructs the GPC to negotiate changes.

43 DORSET: That conference believes that the BMA model contract for sessional doctors is bad for all GPs and bad for general practice and demands that GPC have its obligatory use removed from the general practice contract. (Will fall if Motion 42 part (ii) is passed).

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Not quite sure what's going on here, which is probably the point, and good luck to anyone on the day in following the heated debate that's bound to go with this one. So, the salaried model contract is good for the profession; all employed GPs should have a contract with at least its terms, whilst at the same time being unaffordable and not fit for purpose. And that the GPC needs to make changes? Changes? What changes?

We suspect the Agenda Committee will recommend that 3. and 4. are thrown out, but there's no guarantee. If this motion gets in the wrong hands - and the fact that as it has come this far suggests that it could - employment conditions for salaried GPs could become a right royal pain in the arse, hasten a greater decline in recruitment and retention and just explode in practices faces. Don't do it, guys.

And if you're a GP thinking of working as a salaried GP in Dorset, you might want to make sure your contract is up to scratch.

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