2016 subcommittee candidates

We've only just called for statements; we'll publish them here as they arrive, with the closing date for publication here being Friday 15th April (closing date for elections is Friday 6th May 2016). We'll also send all NASGP members an email on that day.

By electing me to sit on the BMA GPC sessional GP subcommittee, I will support sessional GPs to improve patient care by...

North West

Margaret Lupton - @Magsielodge

...engaging with them regionally and nationally, encouraging high professional standards and recognising the vital part that sessional GPs will play in the future of General Practice. As a locum, partner and now salaried I have always been a GP and the care of my patients has always been my priority.



Zoe Norris - @dr_zo

...being a true working grassroots representative of sessional GPs. I can reflect the challenges faced every day by sessional GPs, the anger that we are feeling, and give a voice to those active online and on social media who often feel unrepresented. We need our voices heard loud and clear.



Faisel Baig

...helping to improve the lives of sessional GPs. There are tough times ahead, locum GP indicative rates, non BMA model salaried GP contracts, the list goes on.
I am the current Yorkshire and Humber rep, on the Executive team, and GPC. I promise to continue fighting hard for us.
Many thanks

South East Coast

Sarah Dunkley

...ensuring that all sessional GPs are able to preserve their professional integrity whether they work full or less than full-time, salaried or as locums. Retaining, supporting and developing sessional GPs with manageable workloads, sensible regulation and fair terms and conditions of service.


Rebecca Jones - @DollyBert82

...ensuring the voices of the new generation of sessional GPs is heard, so that we can all feel truly represented from a grass roots level upwards. I aim to use platforms like social media to gather opinions and share them on the committee.

North East

Paula Wright



1. access to education & peer support networks,

2. terms of employment for salaried GPs

3. support locums receive: induction, respect, access to education, pensions


Negotiating to ensure appraisal is fair/proportionate; these will aid morale, retention, professional support.


West Midlands

Pooja Arora - @pooja_arora1

...uniting General Practitioners so that sessional GPs have an equal voice in key decisions.


I will push for:


i) better communication channels amongst GPs and practices

ii) better integration of sessional within key organisations e.g. LMCs

iii) better representation at vital stockholding events

South West

Mark Selman @maselman3

...ensuring that they are well informed and supported in their day to day work and are empowered in the workplace to provide the highest standards of care. Sessional GPs represent the flexible, innovative and creative future of general practice, now is the time for us to take the initiative.



L-J Evans

...fighting for:
* Recognition & appreciation of SGPs.
* Wages that reflect workload.
* Representation on governing bodies.
* Support + payment for Appraisal & Revalidation.
* Fully-funded Retainer / Refresher schemes.
* Occupational health support.
* Fair employment T&C's.


Happy SGPs = happy pts!


Victoria Weeks

...promoting career professional & leadership development opportunities. Increasing SGP involvement in LMCs CCGs and commissioning decisions/service provision. Ensure fair T&Cs & engagement in new models of care. Have already secured the I&R & Retainer Schemes & promote other workforce initiatives.