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NASGP Podcast | Patient follow-up and handover

We're talking about our new very simple template to help patients get the most appropriate follow-up at the practice. We also discuss what we feel is the best way to record handover information to the next clinician. Spip toolkit | Patient follow-up requestAppraisalAid | Can GP locums access patient records later?   See also How…
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A rock and a hard place

Pressure is mounting on GP services, brought about by a combination of increasing patient needs with reduced resources in primary care (the rock), versus statutory regulatory authorities like the GMC and CQC (the hard place) who, for all the right reasons, have to take an idealist rather than a realist approach to regulation. Whilst their…
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Meet the locum GP specialist

For years, we've been calling for recognition that locuming involves performing in a specialised environment requiring at least a mention in formal GP training. We've now brought that together in a one-day GP locum masterclass with the BMJ. Ask any locum GP who’s worked in a few different surgeries over a period of a few…
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But what if all GPs were locums?

Crazy as it sounds, this is a rhetorical question I often hear, and you may have heard it too. Though it doesn’t seem to be asked as a genuine question, more as an attempt to somehow justify the fact we absolutely need GP partners and salaried GPs and, by implication, that we therefore have to…
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Working in isolation is not an option

I’m just on my way back from giving a talk on ‘Enhanced Appraisal’ for GP locums. When I arrived in the afternoon, I was leapt on by some a few delegates who’d been there for the morning and who reported the general angst about what PCTs should be doing about locums and appraisal. I gave…
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