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BMA letting salaried GPs down

Salaried GPs really need to see both sides of the BMA coin. On the one hand, the BMA, through its General Practitioner's Committee (GPC), has an active Sessional GP Subcommittee; produces an excellent Salaried GP Handbook; has a veritable army of industrial relations officers and has the fair representation of salaried GPs enshrined as part…
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Paradise Hospital, Vanuatu

I am on a one year placement with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) here in Vanuatu, in South Pacific, 2000 km east of Australia between the Solomon Islands and Fiji. The country consists of 80 islands, 68 of which are uninhabited. The population is less than 200,000, consisting of mainly Melanesians with a few Polynesians. The…
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