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Podcast | The sessional Magazine October 2018

Dr Richard Fieldhouse and Dr Sara Chambers review the latest edition of The Sessional GP Magazine. In our 103rd edition, Richard finishes off his series on learning from mistakes in healthcare; Judith has been to Edinburgh Fringe; Louise reviews dementia management; Rachel gives the lowdown and death certification; Nigel on the worth of the NHS…
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Home visits, the decline 
of the roving doctor

When I was training to be a GP, my tutor showed me a painting by Sir Luke Fildes called “The Doctor”. Its significance was lost to me in those fun-filled days of team-building exercises and group learning, however I remembered it again recently when I was asked to fill out an insurance report for one…
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Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine June 2018

In our 101st edition, Richard kicks off about blame in the NHS, Judith shows how health evidence is changing a culture and protecting the environment, Liz on working less but earning more, Kate on why we should unplug, Louise on menstruation and Rachel on how to say sorry. Richard gives a brief 10-minute run-through. Read…
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Podcast | Interview with Professor Mayur Lakhani, RCGP President

Podcast notes 00.55 Presidential superpowers 03:24 Largest Royal college, 66 years old 04:07 Listening exercise - "How do we need to change?" 07:19 co-producers; working with the people you serve 08:00 talktopresident@rcgp.org.uk 09:15 "The future of general practice" 09:52 "We're working in a broken system" 10:23 What's the scale of the change we need? No…
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Podcast | 100th edition of The Sessional GP magazine

In our 100th edition, we announce our new partnership with Health Poverty Action; Judith has been to Colombia, Liz Densley on getting a mortgage, Nigel on Death in Service; Rachel on sessional GPs and patient safety, Richard on locum chambers, Kate on the Stressometer and Sonia on setting those boundaries. Read The Sessional GP Podcast:…
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Podcast | Hub life

After several pilots, Extended Access (EA) or hub working is being rolled out nationally. This article captures the experience of working in such setting as a sessional GP, based on my own and that of colleagues. EA shifts provide a shared overflow capacity for same day care to improve access, and relieve pressure on A&E.…
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Podcast | February 2018 edition of The Sessional GP magazine

In our 99th edition, Kate is no so sweet on sugar; Judith has us whacking mouldywarps, Rachel has some advice about the new European data protection laws, Nigel pits pensions against mortgages, Emma explains some of the reasons why GPs work Down Under, Sara on the current climate for GP locums and Louise on faltering…
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Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine December 2017

Richard and Sara run through the December edition of the Sessional GP Magazine 2017. In our 98th edition, Liz clarifies your tax schedule, Nigel has great news for locum parents; Judith's Cuban experience, Kelly's turning her experience to the benefit of others, Rachel gives some flying advice; Kate's helping you stay sane for Christmas, and Jodie…
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Podcast | The Best practice conference and eating disorders

It's been a busy week at the NASGP, having published our magazine last week, attended the Best Practice conference in Birmingham earlier in the week, and meeting lots of NASGP members and new GP locums and practice managers. And also, Louise Hudman has published a great review of the Nice eating disorders guidelines. So Sara…
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