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Podcast | The Sessional GP magazine August 2019

In our 108th edition, Judith makes a noise about being quiet, Liz summarises everything a newly qualified GP needs to know about getting their tax in order, Nigel helps us plan for when our offspring go off to university, Louise has been making sense of LFTs and Rachel has something to teach us about learning.…
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Podcast | June 2019 ‘The Sessional GP’ magazine

NASGP chairman Richard Fieldhouse reviews the latest edition of The Sessional GP magazine. In our 107th edition, Louise has not one but two COPD-related e-learning articles; Judith has been washing her hands, Liz has been answering your tax questions, Rachel has some advice about medical hierarchy, and Kate has been making stress her friend, all…
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Podcast | The Sessional GP magazine April 2019

Richard reviews the latest edition of The Sessional GP magazine. In our 106th edition, Liz takes us through five taxing days, Nigel has some top tips for locums on getting a mortgage, Louise reviews the latest SIGN guidance on alcohol in pregnancy, Sara highlights the roles of locums in quality improvement, Rachel looks at the…
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Podcast | I’m a GeriGP

NASGP member Eva Kalmus describes how she became co-chair of the new GeriGP group of the British Geriatrics Society (BGS), and why being a portfolio GP has never been boring. When I did my GP training, about half of the GP trainees undertook a self-made rotation of approved jobs, followed by a year in general…
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Podcast | The Sessional GP magazine February 2019

Richard reviews the latest edition of The Sessional GP. In this 105th edition, Sara concludes her article on a fresh pair of eyes; Judith would rather we didn't eat each other; Rachel has some news on medical indemnity; Liz answers your Type-2 queries; Eva and Nicky have both explored specialties outside of primary care that…
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Podcast | The Sessional GP magazine December 2018

In our 104th edition, Judith has been visiting some plastinated bodies, Zoe has given up Facebook, Louise has been reviewing contraception for the over-40s, Sara's been reflecting on continuity, Liz is offering advice on how to claim tax for CPD and Rachel has been looking into your doctor's bag. Scroll down to hear the podcast.…
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Elementary my dear doctor

My main pastimes —reading and on-demand television — have no doubt influenced my practice through the so-called “halo effect”. Paul Kalanithi’s book “When Breath becomes Air” forced me to re-evaluate my work-life balance, while the Netflix series “House of Cards” led me to imagine that I was the victim of an intricate work-based conspiracy involving…
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Podcast | The sessional Magazine October 2018

Dr Richard Fieldhouse and Dr Sara Chambers review the latest edition of The Sessional GP Magazine. In our 103rd edition, Richard finishes off his series on learning from mistakes in healthcare; Judith has been to Edinburgh Fringe; Louise reviews dementia management; Rachel gives the lowdown and death certification; Nigel on the worth of the NHS…
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Home visits, the decline 
of the roving doctor

When I was training to be a GP, my tutor showed me a painting by Sir Luke Fildes called “The Doctor”. Its significance was lost to me in those fun-filled days of team-building exercises and group learning, however I remembered it again recently when I was asked to fill out an insurance report for one…
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Podcast | The Sessional GP Magazine June 2018

In our 101st edition, Richard kicks off about blame in the NHS, Judith shows how health evidence is changing a culture and protecting the environment, Liz on working less but earning more, Kate on why we should unplug, Louise on menstruation and Rachel on how to say sorry. Richard gives a brief 10-minute run-through. Read…
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