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Otitis Media – when to use antibiotics

This is a new guideline from NICE on when to use antibiotics for otitis media (March 2018). It doesn't change common practice, but I found some of the statistics really helpful for explaining why we prescribe in some groups and not others. There is an excellent patient leaflet explaining things too. Some background info: Most have…
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Faltering growth in children

This is a recent guideline from NICE, which gives advice on managing faltering growth in children. A lot of this is common sense, but as it is a new guideline, I will summarise the bits relevant to us. I will not deal with weight loss in the first few days, as this is generally managed…
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Sore throat – when to use antibiotics

This is a new guideline from NICE which advises on when to use antibiotics in patients with sore throat. If you already use a scoring system to help you decide when to prescribe it doesn't change a lot. Take home points: use a scoring system (FeverPAIN or Centor) and prescribe penicillin 500mg QDS or 1g…
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Diagnosing and managing cystic fibrosis

This is a new guideline from NICE on diagnosing and managing cystic fibrosis. Most of this guideline will be much more relevant to secondary care, so I'm just covering the list of possible presentations (as I'd forgotten quite a lot of these) and also some of the different mucolytic treatments (as I was not aware…
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Sinusitis treatment down to five days

This is a NICE guideline from a couple of months ago in the use of antibiotics in sinusitis. I must say that this has changed my practice significantly, so well worth a read, especially the background information. Main learning points: 1st line antibiotic is now penicillin. Length of treatment is five days. Only consider antibiotics…
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Latest endometriosis NG73 guidelines from NICE

This is a new guideline from NICE on managing endometriosis. I'll do a general summary of this as it is a new guideline. However I don't think it changes very much that we do. There is a good algorithm attached to the summary. Symptoms We should be suspecting endometriosis in women (even young women under…
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Eating Disorders

This is a new guideline from NICE on managing eating disorders. It is really targeted around anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Much of this is not new, but as we don't see patients with these disorders too often, I'll do a general summary, but concentrating on things I wasn't aware of. Presentation This is not an…
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Post pregnancy contraception

This is a new guideline from the FSRH on contraception after pregnancy. There is nothing particularly new about specific methods, but there are a few new interesting points (including a reminder that the COC can be used when breastfeeding from 6 weeks after delivery). Contraceptive options should be discussed antenatally. Ideally the chosen method of…
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