Survey | The benefits and harms of treatments

Can you help a fellow GP with a quick survey on the benefits and harms of treatments?

I’m a GP and, perhaps like you, find it difficult to prioritise the treatments options available to our patients, especially those with multiple long term conditions.

How do we know what are the most valuable treatments for an individual? Do you worry about over-treatment – or the reverse, under-treatment?

I am carrying out a survey of GPs to gauge our levels of knowledge in this area.

I’d be really grateful if you’d complete this questionnaire about common clinical scenarios and treatments. It took the doctors who tested it for me an average of 8 minutes 38 seconds to complete.

I can send you answers and learning points after the survey.

The findings will contribute to the development of better guidance for us in primary care so that we can make better decisions with our patients.

If you would like more information please contact Dr. Julian Treadwell at:

Click to access the survey