Suspend appraisals for a year, RCGP urges

3rd December 2020 by NASGP

Suspend appraisals for a year, RCGP urges

The RCGP has called for GP appraisals to be suspended for up to a year, Pulse reports

The RCGP Council approved a motion by a group of GPs in an open letter that campaigned for a break. 

Authors of the letter wrote: “We call upon the RCGP to withdraw its support for appraisal and revalidation during the pandemic with immediate effect. 

“This should include insistence that the GMC develop the least burdensome system possible, to be implemented only after the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic have passed, until such time as any relevant statutory instruments be revised.”

The GP who led the campaign, Dr Heather Ryan, also quoted a paper by NASGP author Dr Victoria Tzortiou Brown in the letter.

In September Prof Martin Marshall, RCGP chair, warned GPs that appraisals would recommence, albeit with reduced demands on GPs. 

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