Appeal to raise £100k for family of locum Helen Sanderson

An appeal has begun to raise £100k for family of locum Helen Sanderson because of the death-out-of service-loophole within the NHS pension scheme. Helen died on Christmas eve last year, and because of a gap in the life assurance cover within the NHS pension scheme, since Helen's only current contributions to the scheme were as a locum, her family was denied payments worth over £100,000.

See the full story here, which includes an embedded link to today's article in Pulse and a link to the donations page.

It's complicated. The bottom line is that, in most cases, if you contribute to the NHS Pension scheme and all the NHS work you perform is as a GP locum, then the DIS payout your dependents receive on your death could be much less than if you were working in other roles. Kirsty McGaun and Nigel Farrar from Legal & Medical explain what to do in this article.

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