[54b][393] #LMCConf | Astronomical rise in defence fees


54b MID MERSEY: That conference is deeply concerned about the astronomical rise in defence subscriptions for salaried and sessional doctors and calls upon the LMC Conference to address the economical strain which is making part time GP work unsustainable.

393 KENSINGTON, CHELSEA AND WESTMINSTER: That conference notes the rising premiums for medical defence and calls upon the GPC to meet with representatives of medical defence organisations to:

  1. discuss the evidence base used to calculate GP premiums
  2. question the cost variance between MDOs and the disparity of premiums paid by sessional GPs and principals for performing the same type of GP work
  3. request that the letter of good standing required to change medical defence organisation be accurate and factual rather than a 'summary which may not be reflective'.

NASGP view

Or why not just go the whole hog and call for crown indemnity for all doctors working in the NHS to match our hospital colleagues?

LMC Conference 2015


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