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49a THE GPC: That the GPC seeks the views of conference on the following motion from the Sessional GPs Subcommittee:
That conference calls on the government to end the farcical performer’s list regulations that prevent GPs from freely working across the borders between the devolved nations and England. This will in part help to alleviate the difficulties in recruiting GPs in some areas by promoting a flexible, mobile workforce.

NASGP view

Between England, Wales and Northern Ireland we have three different performers lists; a GP needs to be on the list of each country to work there. But factor in Scotland, and that number goes from three to 16, since here each of the 13 separate Health Boards has its own individual performers list.

So bearing in mind that we are all experiencing widespread recruitment and retention issues, with it being in everyone's interest to stop restricting the free passage of GPs between areas, England, Wales and Northern Ireland need to amalgamate their system, and each Scottish Health Board needs to adopt this new shared system.

LMC Conference 2015


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