[34] #LMCConf | Partnerships are not the only fruit

34 NORTHERN IRELAND CONFERENCE OF LMCs: That conference instructs GPC to continue to actively promote the partnership model and to support and encourage the career development of our sessional colleagues.

NASGP view

Before we continue to continue our focus on just the partnership model, with a nod to supporting sessional GP career development, we actually need to explore its relevance in a much broader context. The NASGP has no problem with the partnership model - it's a wonderful model that has served us well for over 50 years. But partnerships are being snubbed by GPs; the oft-argued reason of providing continuity doesn't stand up to scrutiny, with evidence emerging that continuity reduces cancer diagnosis.

What we need is support to explore and develop all models of general practice, making sure that whatever choices a GP individual makes abour her personal career, they have the support and infrastructure to ensure that the care they deliver is the best it can be for the patient, irrespective of the GP's chosen model.

LMC Conference 2015


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