[224] #LMCConf | GPs need to show each other more respect


224 HERTFORDSHIRE: That conference believes that practices owe a duty of respect to all doctors and calls on GPC to do more to ensure that locum GPs should:

  1. be regarded as valuable additions to the workings of a practice
  2. be paid on time
  3. have their pension contributions paid appropriately.

NASGP view

That this even has to be said is a sad indictment of morale in primary care, betraying a siege mentality that no doubt stems from global professional burnout. We went to medical school together, we trained together, we are appraised and revalidate together, we care for the same patients together, yet when it comes to fundamental principles like basic professional values and being paid, some colleagues clearly don't have respect for each other. Which only serves to unite those who are trying to divide the NHS.

LMC Conference 2015


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