[19] #LMCConf | Better CCG representation and leadership roles for sessional GPs

#LMCConf19 THE GPC: That the GPC seeks the views of conference on the following motion from the Sessional GPs Subcommittee: That conference believes that as a significant part of the GP workforce, sessional GPs should be considered a potential asset by commissioning bodies, and

  1. (i) is concerned at the current lack of consistent representation of this group of GPs on commissioning boards
  2. (ii) believes these GPs should be encouraged and supported to access leadership roles within these bodies
  3. (iii) asks GPC to demand that NHS England instructs these organisations to ensure they have proportionate representation from sessional GPs on their boards
  4. (iv) asks GPC to demand that NHS England instructs these bodies to ensure they allow these GPs access to leadership roles within their organisation.

NASGP view

There are no legislative barriers to sessional GPs being active within CCGs, and indeed even taking on senior leadership roles. But two co-existing factors are required - engaged and enthusiastic sessional GPs, and an existing intelligent and open minded CCG leadership. Without these, it won't happen. Areas that have significant engagement from sessional GPs also seem to have active GP chambers or sessional GP groups, or LMCs with an active sessional GP membership. In other words, lively active well-engaged groups of sessional GPs can exert both a passive and an active influence on their local CCGs.

So yes, NHS England should continue to push CCGs to look at representation from sessional GPs at all levels, but we also need to do more to directly support chambers and sessional GP groups to become more empowered to effect change locally.

LMC Conference 2015


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