[11] #LMCConf | GP refresher scheme needs to be fully funded

#LMCConf11 THE GPC: That the GPC seeks the views of conference on the following motion from the Sessional GPs Subcommittee: That conference congratulates NHS England in its intention to reduce the barriers to accessing the induction and refresher scheme, and asks GPC to insist that:

  1. these are not confined to under doctored areas
  2. GPs are funded to undergo the scheme at no less than the pay scale of a trainee GP
  3. practices who supervise these GPs receive funding commensurate with the GP trainers’ grant.

NASGP view

The return of the refresher scheme is long overdue, and think this motion should go further. At the moment it only exists in England, so a GP wishing to return to work in Scotland, for example, would have to serve time in England first. So why not extend this deal to all UK countries? We would also like to see some guarantees about the use of the BMA model contract and entitlement to the NHS pension scheme.

LMC Conference 2015


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