• NASGP is the home of Practeus, an online suite of tools for sessional GPs and busy practices, and comes free with NASGP membership.

  • Practeus includes LocumDeck, our online locum booking, invoicing, confirmation and pension system.LocumDeck

  • Practeus also includes Standardised Practice Information Portal, bringing essential practice information to your fingertips.standardised practice induction pack

  • "The quality and contents of the magazine are superb, and it's wonderful that GP locums have a voice and are seen as a vital part of the medical workforce."

    Dr Irene Bainbridge, September 2015

  • Bespoke articles from the Medical Protection Society to help sessional GPs manage clinical risk. Medical Protection Society

  • The Sessional GP magazine is the only regular publication specifically for salaried GPs, GP locums and returner GPs.

  • NASGP's Locum Toolkit includes T&Cs, customisable invoices, IT system cribsheets and appraisal funding requests. Locum toolkit

  • Practeus includes LocumDeck, our online locum booking, invoicing, confirmation and pension system.LocumDeck

Welcome to the NASGP

Supporting sessional GPs to improve patient care

NASGP was founded over 20 years ago by a group of GP locums on the basis that every patient has the right to expect the same level of care from every GP encounter, whether they’re seeing their regular GP or a GP they’ve never met before. Therefore all GPs need to be equally recognised and enabled to deliver this.

This core belief was enshrined in the first line of our Code of Good Practice, and it shapes all the work the NASGP has done since, from initiating the campaign to extend NHS pensions to GP locums, developing the concept of GP locum chambers, to lobbying to raise the recognition and professional status of GPs who work as locums.

We specialise in taking our grassroots experience as sessional GPs, and that of our members, and turning this into positive ideas, resources, leadership and practical tools to support our members to engage well with practices, have happy, long careers as GPs and take our rightful place as the valuable part of the GP workforce we truly are.

As part of NASGP’s commitment to fostering good working relationships between practices and GP locums, we are also delighted to welcome practices as NASGP members too.

The online portal for general practice

NASGP is the home of Practeus, your gateway to a growing range of tools specifically designed for general practice, and is the embodiment of 20 years of innovation to fully enable sessional GPs to create sustainable partnerships with GP practices.

It comes free with NASGP membership, and gives you access to NASGP's Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip) and LocumDeck.

You can access Practeus when you sign in to the NASGP website, or from anywhere where you see the Practeus logo.



Locuming perfected

LocumDeck facilitates the direct interaction between GP locums and practices, reducing the work of managing bookings, and making administrative hassles melt away. At full power, there's even the option of Instant Book.

GP locum? Find out more here.
Practice manager? Find out more here.

I wanted to share with the group how AMAZINGLY GOOD NASGP LocumDeck is!! It is so good and so intuitive that I am lost for words and utterly filled with glee.
Annette Steele, December 2016

Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip)

GP locums and practices can all be part of creating and sharing consulting room level information

Where LocumDeck helps get GP locums into practice, Spip welcomes and inducts them into practice’s information ecosystem.

Spip is a secure, online platform where practices can centrally store, update and then display all of their highly localised, practice-specific information to their staff and GPs at the point of need, equipping them to manage patients safely and efficiently.

Spip includes LocumPack, pulling together Spip’s 30 most-asked questions by GP locums so that each practice has its own essential locum induction information.

Find out more.

The Sessional GP Magazine

'The Sessional GP' is the only digital magazine exclusively for sessional GPs, and is published online every 8 weeks (February, April, June, August, October and December). Financial, accountancy and careers advice, clinical updates, risk management, local news, and lots more.


NASGP's unique suite of tools and templates specifically designed for sessional GPs to generate and record evidence for their appraisal.


Comprehensive, invoicing, T&Cs, instant booking and pension form system.

Locum Toolkit

Download a range of adaptable Google and Word documents specifically designed to help locum GPs manage their day-to-day workload.

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